Did you know that the fashion industry has a tremendous over production problem? This results in a lot of unnecessary waste. That's why IBMClothing only produces an item when an order has been placed. Everything goes through a strict quality control to prevent unnecessary returns and to make sure the customer is 100% happy with the product. 

With the minimal waste that is produced, that remaining fabric will be used in some of our products. For example, our headband is made from recycled fabrics that would of otherwise been wasted. 

Although many products do have plastic in the packaging. We are constantly on the move to reduce plastic across our product line. For example, our biodegradable iPhone cases is shipped in a cardboard box and a biodegradable protective bag. A lot of our plastic packaging is post consumer recycled also.

let's reduce waste. Recycle. And look for plastic alternatives together. We hope to see all our packaging plastic free one day in all our products. This will be a timely process, especially for some products. But we will get there.