in 2023. Sustainability is still a number one priority.

That's why IBMClothing only produces an item as soon as a customer places an order, rather than ordering bulk items that in future may not be sellable - which leads to over-production, of which excess items end up in landfills which is common among the fashion industry as well as others.

Which adds another benefit to products being produced upon order and that is that we have a strict quality control process before an item is shipped to the customer. Preventing unnecessary returns and to make sure the customer is 100% happy with the product.

In regards to transport, being a business that ships to customers globally. IBMClothing is partnered with production facilities across the world, so customers can get their product shipped from a facility closer to home which reduces emissions and also provides faster shipping.

Packaging is also a factor, most products that are shipped with plastic are shipped using "post consumer plastic". Which is recycled. Some products don't have plastic packaging at all.